What To Do Before Ear Pinning Surgery (Otoplasty)ear pinning otoplasty surgery

Weeks of preparation for Ear Pinning Surgery are often required to get great results. It starts with finding a great surgeon that understands you and your desires and is also a great surgeon. You need to find someone who you are comfortable with. You must find someone who explains everything to you in-depth and explains how they are minimising risks form the surgery.

If your child is having their ears pinned (Otoplasty) then you should sit down with them and explain everything that is going to happen in the surgery and the recovery and give them realistic expectations. Your surgeon may be able to help you with this if they have experience dealing with children.

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The Day Before Otoplasty Surgery (Ear Pinning)Otoplasty ear pinning uk

Patients having general anaesthesia for an Otoplasty (ear pinning) surgery will not be allowed to eat or drink after midnight the night before until after the surgery. The last meal the night before the surgery should also be a very light on.

You should also make sure that work or school are notified and everyone who needs to know, knows. This will prevent stress after the operation as everything will be taken care of.

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The Day Of Surgery

On the day of surgery patients should wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothing. Restrictive collars or shirts should not be worn for obvious reasons. It is also very important that nothing bends or pulls their ears after the operation. This could mean sitting down with siblings and letting them understand what is going to happen so they can be extra careful and help out after the operation.

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